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Creative Vistas Subsidiaries

AC Technical Systems::

AC Technical Systems Ltd has been providing top level security solutions since 1990 and has quickly earned the reputation for being one of the most progressive and innovative security system integrators in Canada. Since our inception, we've successfully planned, engineered, integrated and installed security solutions for various industries including mission-critical facilities, hospitals, correctional facilities, large campuses, large retail nationals, property management companies, manufacturers and into a continually growing client list across both those and other industry segments.

The Company’s customer base includes; Air Canada Centre – Home of NBA’s Raptors and NHL’s Maple Leafs, Loblaws – Giant grocery and supermarket chain in Canada called Loblaw, BMW, Government Ministries, People Soft, TD Centre, Queens Park Complex and various other prestigious sites.

AC Technical Systems has grown to be one of Canada's largest integrated electronic security providers consisting of an experienced team of security technicians, Information Technology professionals, engineers, and certified electricians with over 400 years of combined experience in their fields. Along with strong leadership, and a focused team of sales, management, and customer service professionals, AC Technical Systems is geared to be one of North America's foremost integrated electronic security providers. more..

Iview Digital Video Solutions Inc.::

Iview Digital Video Solutions Inc is a technology company that specializes in both security and digital video processing technologies. Expertise in both these areas enables us to address a broad spectrum of our customers' needs with intelligent and most importantly, reliable digital video security solutions.

IVIEW Digital Video Solutions is well positioned to meet the security demands of any market or industry, including government, retail, corporate, financial and military. It has already introduced it's the state of the art Iview-360 panoramic camera and Iview-360dVR technology for the security industry.

Its technologies are currently being deployed within a Police Department in Michigan USA, Air Canada Centre - home of NBA's Raptors and NHL's Maple Leafs, Large Pharmaceutical Corporation, Health Care Market, BMW, and Government ministries. When it comes to security, there's no doubt video surveillance is the first line of defense and continues to play an increasingly important role in all security applications. IVIEW Digital Video Solutions recognizes this trend in addition to spotting new and arising trends in video surveillance for improving security. Whether you're walking through the airport, shopping or just driving down the highway, there's either somebody behind a CCTV monitor watching every step you take while recording them onto a DVR. In fact, society has never been more security conscious than today. If you just look around, you'll probably notice a sharp more..

Cancable Inc.::

Cancable Inc is a provider of contract field technical support services and help desk technical support for cable companies, hosting providers and to their customers. Founded in 1997 with Rogers Cable Inc. and Cogeco Cable as our first customers, Cancable Inc has become a leader in the service industry.

The business began by providing on-site technicians contracted to Rogers and Cogeco to perform cable modem installations and configuration of software on customer PC's. Immediately, Cancable Inc began providing all on-site service work for Rogers and Cogeco's customers who needed tutorials or were experiencing hardware and software related problems. In 2001 we launched our own technical call center to support customers over the phone, and on-site across Southern Ontario.

The business continued to grow and by 2005, Cancable had expanded its range of services to include outsourced sales, outsourced call centre support, On-site computer service and small to large scale computer networking. To date we have over 300 employees and operate using our company name Cancable for all telecom installations and service, and DependableIT for all call centre support and onsite support services. more..

OSS-IM View::

Oss-iM View is a software, consulting, and service company that combines a best-in-class service delivery platform with exceptional business analytics tools. With direct focus on providing an overall delivery platform for service and installation companies with remote/mobile field teams, the company utilizes its Webtracker software to integrate information inputs and delivery organizations across and throughout a supply chain. By doing so, we are able to optimize data analysis for process improvements, resulting in improved communication and decision making throughout our clients' organizations. more..